The Curse of the Time Poor

Curse of the Time Poor
Some days I find myself wishing that I had the time to devote to inaction and procrastination but, even while wishing those things, I am flat out getting things done.

Being chronically time poor is something that everyone should do their best to avoid. I have seen some wonderful talent waste away because people could not or would not make the time to nurture and grow their skill set. It’s something that leads to mid-life crises, but that’s not here yet.

At least I can now start to see the end of the major project that is taking time away from my writing. That positive is offset with the major burden that is the work that has to be done between now and then. Fixed timelines give great end points, but not when the work is stacking up against them.

The silver lining that I can see is that I am being promised a lot of time being left alone once the project is done, which means I can get back into my writing and make up for lost time.