I was happily stuck in an extended editing session; blowing through page after page of text; tightening prose; fixing characters; giving volume to exchanges between characters, and thinking that I had to have taken a massive chunk out of the remaining manuscript so that I could push it out for some early readers to go over it.

From one point of view, I was correct - I had done page after page of text.

From another, I was wrong - it wasn’t all that much of the overall manuscript.

I was both happy and annoyed with the discovery. It was pleasing to have made some good progress with editing, but it was also a little disappointing to see just how much remained ahead of me, let alone a second or third pass over the manuscript. I did kind of know that I wasn’t too deep into the story, as I was still only dealing with the fourth scene.

There’s been a lot of learning that’s taken place, and I’m sure that I’ve got a lot more to go yet, as to just how much extra work a full length story is when compared to the short stories and vignettes that I’ve previously written. I’ve got a couple of stories that I’m more emotionally attached to that I’m planning on taking into the full novel territory, but haven’t been confident enough of being able to make the story telling transition into the longer format effectively. I’m getting more confident with it at the moment, but I’ve still got a long way to go with this particular one, first.