Glorious Rain

After a very long dry spell, we’ve finally received some nice rain in the South-East of Australia. We really need several days of it to really make a difference to the parched land, but a day and a bit is a good start. It has certainly been of benefit to the large swathes of Victoria and South Australia that were on fire, but to then have minor flooding so soon after the heat, it’s just another Summer in Australia. I’ve heard rumours that we are expecting a dry spell over Winter, and that we’ll be heading back into drought along with it. I don’t really remember whether we ever really left drought conditions, or if the one or two semi-wet years we had were enough to break it.

I’ve continued to work away on my editing, and also done a little bit of work on some new titles, but I do hope to be finished with my editing in the next few days and get on with getting publishing again. I’ve been working with my manuscript set up in Scrivener, and the Winter Olympics running next to it. That way, I can pretend I’m paying attention to both, and actually get some good work done on getting my book ready.