Continuing to Write

I’ve been working on and off over the last couple of weeks on editing. There’s nothing sexy about not writing, but it is an important part of making the written word ready for publishing. I’ve been finding more and more parts of what I’d written where my voice had effectively disappeared, and I’d been wondering why the manuscript hadn’t been flowing that well. It does feel good to be putting that natural flow back into the storyline, and it is making the manuscript much easier to read.

I’m still spending a lot of time researching for other projects, but I think I’m nearly ready to put pen to paper, or at least fingers to keyboard, and getting the fun stuff underway. I’m not sure how long those projects will take, but it could be something that is around six to twelve months in development.

Always a Reason to Write

I was wallowing in some self-pity a couple of weeks ago, pouting about not wanting to write, edit, or do much other than sleep, when I got a rather nice set of emails. In the past these emails would have arrived as registered letters in the mail, but I suppose we all have to get with the times.

They were royalty payments.

More than I was expecting, too, which made an already nice surprise very pleasing.

I’d almost forgotten that with my books out and about that people could still go and buy them, and read them. I’d been too long away from my active promotion and engagement to really remember that my books had lives of their own. Oops.

It was a good reminder that people still want to read what I put out, and that I should shake off the delay in getting my editing work completed so I can publish again.

Editing hasn’t been the only thing I’ve been doing, though. I’ve also gone back to some of my earlier drafts and added more elements into them, hopefully fleshing out the scripts into something more readable and enjoyable over the long term.

Time has also been devoted to pondering how I’m going to publish my next book. It’s so far out of my normal writing genre that I’m worried it might not be received well by my current fans, but I’m also not sure that it really needs to go out under a pen name. There’s got to be some extra thought to be put into how I go forward with that particular issue.

Historic manuscripts and drafts aside, I’ve also been busy setting the foundations for another writing project. It is something that has come about from last year’s massive writing job and, if I want more time to write on things I really want to write, then I probably need to follow the thread on this particular task and see where it goes. I haven’t written much for it as yet, even though it is subject matter that I know fairly well. I’ve been stuck with research and literature reviews, and have even more books than normal scattered around than I normally do. Even with all of that going on, I’ve actually been more busy doing the research and literature review on electronic documents and have come to love the ease by which I can highlight, annotate, and otherwise capture pertinent information from an electronic book, than I can do with my precious dead tree copies (and I’ve been really busy buying up lots of those lately, too).

So, on days when I feel like I’m not achieving much - when the editing never seems to go anywhere, or the historic drafts don’t move forward, or I’m not making a dent in my massive to be read pile (pleasure AND research), and I struggle to remember the last time I achieved any forward progress, I know that the real progress and results are happening in a non-visible form.

Which direction the next few weeks are going to head in, I don’t know, but I am ready for any direction.