My Final Book for 2012 Released

Final Book for 2012 Released
Before I get to the really good news, I have updated the listings for “A Man for the Season” and “Satin & Oak” to reflect the changes in availability for them. Originally planned as a GoodReads-only release, they are now available from many other sites, as well.

The really good news is that my final release for 2012 made it out in time for Christmas. “My Muse is a Demanding Mistress” has made it to most of the retail sites in time for the Christmas rush, despite only having just been pushed out.

An anthology of my 2012 releases, “My Muse is a Demanding Mistress” adds individual introductions to each title, providing some background on why and how the stories were written. There are also some unpublished items that have been snuck in alongside the released titles.

As this is likely to be one of my last posts for this year, I want to thank all of my readers and fans for their support across the last several months. And to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Here’s to another good year of writing and reading in 2013.

Early Christmas Presents

Early Christmas Presents
I’ve been keeping a bit of a low profile of late, and for good reason. Some of the groups that I am involved with on GoodReads like to run competitions from time to time. One particular competition that I offered to assist with was a “get your story written” type of contest, with a special Christmas twist.

When the competition started, I thought I had it all worked out, but it seems I misunderstood which synopsis I was writing a story on, so I actually ended up writing two stories.

These stories are now available for free, from GoodReads. They will always remain free as stand-alone titles on GoodReads, however may be bundled into a new title for sale later on.

To all my readers who took a chance on an unknown male author (self-pub at that) in a female-dominated genre, I want to thank you and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

The first, “A Man for the Season”, can be found on GoodReads here.

It was the night before Christmas and Rachel had no boyfriend to celebrate Christmas with.Her friends eagerly tried to fix her up with a date,night after night.No one could find the perfect man for her.

The second, “Satin & Oak”, can be found on GoodReads here.

Gerome and Sara lived in a small village. They both had small jobs, just enough to pay the bills. It was Christmas time and they had no money to spare between them.

Always Fun

Always Fun
I absolutely love bookshops. There’s something special about whole shops given over to the wonder that is the written word, even if it doesn’t take place as often as it once used to.

Having been stuck with a little bit of free time at a shopping centre recently, I dove into the nearest bookstore and spent an enjoyable 20 minutes poking around the books. If only my to-be-read pile wasn’t so large, and I had the money on me, I would have walked out loaded down with new reading material.

Something that I didn’t realise was so much fun was looking for, and finding, books by people I know. As I get to know more authors, I’m finding more of their books in the shops. Those books have always been there, but now that I know the authors, it makes for a more personal connection to actually get to hold their books in my hands.

In some little way, it tells me that if I make the move to physical publishing at any point, that I, too, could have my books in the shops as well.