Big Progress

Finally, after a lot of procrastinating (at least that’s what it felt like), I managed to get my next title off for the next stage in the publishing process. This is actually quite a big achievement for me, as it represents an almost doubling of the length of my longest stand alone title, to well over 40,000 words.

Not only has the length increased, but it seems that I’ve found again some of the special elements that attracted readers to my work in the first place. Of course, it’s a little bit harder to make so many words drip with seduction and intimacy, but it was fun finding a way to make it work for this particular story.

It’s currently in the middle of the next stage of publishing, and I expect to have it back and ready again within the next couple of weeks. Then it is looking good for a publishing date around the middle of March.

Aside from working on my writing, I was asking a couple of my new Twitter followers how they managed to find me, as I couldn’t quite sort out the linkage between what I do, and why they might be interested (other than them reading my books, of course). The problem came when I realised that they hadn’t read any of my books, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were following me because they found me interesting. That’s a win in my books. The more people who find me interesting, the more likely it is that they will make the transition to reading and enjoying my books, so that’s always a goal.

Glorious Rain

After a very long dry spell, we’ve finally received some nice rain in the South-East of Australia. We really need several days of it to really make a difference to the parched land, but a day and a bit is a good start. It has certainly been of benefit to the large swathes of Victoria and South Australia that were on fire, but to then have minor flooding so soon after the heat, it’s just another Summer in Australia. I’ve heard rumours that we are expecting a dry spell over Winter, and that we’ll be heading back into drought along with it. I don’t really remember whether we ever really left drought conditions, or if the one or two semi-wet years we had were enough to break it.

I’ve continued to work away on my editing, and also done a little bit of work on some new titles, but I do hope to be finished with my editing in the next few days and get on with getting publishing again. I’ve been working with my manuscript set up in Scrivener, and the Winter Olympics running next to it. That way, I can pretend I’m paying attention to both, and actually get some good work done on getting my book ready.

Being Productive

I’ve had some productive writing sessions over the last week, with a couple of sessions hitting my daily word count goals. Other attempted sessions weren’t so good, with other parts of life getting well in the way. All of those other distractions should be easing off in the next couple of weeks, so I’m not super bothered at the moment. Today’s writing session has been extra productive, and I’ve still been able to do everything else I had to take care of. I’m also not finished for the day, either, so things are looking good for a really productive writing session.

All of this writing is really good, but it is even more impressive to realise that I’m currently not focussed on any new material at the moment. I’m in the midst of editing a story that I thought was pretty close to being ready for external editing. To find that I’m adding so much extra content can only be good for my readers once it is ready, and I’m hoping that will be sooner rather than later.

While it does bother me that I haven’t published in a little while, so long as I can continue to write at or above my daily word count goals, I will be generating lengthier books at an appropriate rate.

Here’s to more good writing sessions.

Fighting the Heat

Summer in Australia generally means hot weather, and at least one heatwave at some time. Here in the South-East, we have been sweltering through periods of hot weather on and off since the New Year, and it looks like another hot period is on its way shortly. I’m in the middle of watching my lawn degrade into a brown patch of dead grass. At least I don’t have to mow it much....

Other than the tired malaise that the heat brings, it also brings a lack of clothing being worn in public, which can make for some interesting ideas being generated for future stories. I’ve actually found that the ideas have been building for something that’s not erotica, but time will tell what it is that I am going to be able to generate.

I have also been busy getting onto Literotica, where you can now find me, and where I will be (re)publishing my free titles, and be putting some extracts and other concepts up for comment. So far, the only title I have put up is “An Introduction to Sappho”, and it’s already attracting some good comments, which is nice to see.

I’m continuing to get some writing done, which is the most important thing at the moment. I just need to get a couple of the stories polished off so that I can publish them.