Paradise Lost, Then Found Again Published

Paradise Lost, Then Found Again
Even though I hinted at its arrival a week ago, “Paradise Lost, Then Found Again” will come as a surprise to some readers. It wasn’t really expected to be out just yet, and with the break I took over the Christmas / New Year period, and the slower pace of writing since then, some might be surprised to see a release at all.

Paradise Lost, Then Found Again” is an interesting story, capturing the experiences of a travel author and her partner as she struggles to complete her articles on a tropical paradise. Being there in the midst of the build up to the wet season doesn’t make things any easier for her writer’s block, or for her silently suffering partner.

When life starts moving at Island Time, and there seems to be no end to the stifling heat and humidity, things can get strained quickly.

First Book for 2013 Nearly Here

First Book for 2013 Nearly There
It’s going to be an interesting 2013, with various external pressures limiting how much writing I am going to be able to produce for the first few months, at least. That’s the bad news.

Offsetting this is that I will have my first title for this year available in the next week or so. Without giving too much away, it was an interesting challenge to convey the feeling of “island time” without negatively affecting the story as it flowed.

Mix in an author who is also struggling with meeting deadlines and the stress its placing on their partner, and blend in with the general lethargy and steaminess of the tropics.

It is going to make for an interesting short novella.

A New Year & New Challenges

A New Year & New Challenges
After a very busy 2012, it was nice to take a bit of a break over Christmas and the New Year period. Despite trying to get away from writing for a little while, I still ended up writing on at least a couple of days over the break and there should be at least on short novella coming out before the end of January.

Probably the biggest thing that is changing with my writing and plans for writing this year is that the stories are getting longer. The next couple of titles in mind are trending towards mid-sized novellas and possibly even small sized novels.

Even with a productive muse, it still takes quite a while to write so many words, and then even longer to ensure the editing and review process is done properly. That will probably mean a slower release schedule but, at the same time, provide what many of my readers have been clamoring for -- a longer read.