Building a Platform

Australia Day
I spent a fair bit of time today finding which groups I had been neglecting on GoodReads and doing something about not having posted for a while. I was dismayed to see that some groups I hadn’t been into for almost 12 months, when I had thought it was only a couple of months since I was last in there. GoodReads isn’t the only site that I’ve been remiss about visiting and posting on, and I’ve got plans to go through the other sites and get caught up with them, as well. I hadn’t realised just how much of an effect the last 12 months has taken on my writing and ability to promote myself. I knew it had been quite complicated and that it was having a large effect, just not that large an effect.

Now that I’ve had the chance to fix things back up, and get some writing done, I decided that I would also take a look at Literotica and see whether I should publish some of my free books on there, or perhaps the samples from my paid books. I’ve submitted a manuscript and now to wait and see whether there’ll be anything put up. I am hoping so, but it’s in their hands now.

Yesterday was a good day for writing. Today was a good day for my online presence. Here’s to a good day tomorrow for everything.

A Nice Time to go Away

Nice time to go away
Summer has been in full force here in the South East of Australia over the last couple of weeks, and in the midst of it, the family and I took a chance to get away from everything and take a proper family holiday for the first time. Our timing was pretty good, as it was over 40 degrees at home, and it never got above 31 degrees up on the beach where we were staying. Unfortunately, the surf didn’t get up that much, so any real chances of going body surfing were quickly gotten rid of and, with the humidity, it made doing things in the middle of the day a little difficult.

It was a wonderful chance to recharge the batteries for everyone and, despite planning on staying away from writing and all other forms of work while away, I did end up scribbling down some ideas, and taking in all the sights and sounds set the seeds for some possible new stories.

I am back now, and looking at what I have ready or nearly ready to be sent for editing, and I think I have a couple of things that are worthwhile candidates for being published. I don’t know yet how quickly they’ll be available, but they will be coming along in due course.

Life is certainly settling back down again, and I have found a new routine which is letting me have more time for writing, or at least for catching up on all the administrative stuff I’ve been neglecting. It’s not procrastination, at least not yet. It’s clearing the workspace so that I can write, and stay on top of all the other bits and pieces that go along with it all.

Motivation for Writing

Finding the motivation to write isn’t always easy. With a recent burst of writing, I was wondering what the difference was between writing like that, and the times where even sitting down to look at the empty screen / page was a struggle. Obvious things, such as external stress and time pressure will affect the ability to sit down and write, and the desire to write things that are motivating and of interest to readers. When they’re taken care of, and the motivation is still lacking, there have to be other factors that impact the ability to write.

Looking at what’s been going on around my recent writing sessions, I realised there were a couple of factors that I hadn’t realised carried any impact. Probably the biggest one was the books I was reading prior to trying to write. If the book was difficult to read, and it didn’t feel that the author was enjoying themselves, then I was going to find it difficult to sit down and generate a feeling of joy in my writing. On the other hand, if the book I was reading was easier to read, and it felt that the author was truly enjoying their writing, then I ,too, found it a joy to write and convey that into the words being put down for my readers.

When I look at the books that I have yet to read, most of them fall into the second group, and that bodes well for me when I sit down to write in the coming weeks, especially as I’m making a greater effort to allow the stories to increase in length, rather than cutting them off where I feel comfortable. It’s part of gaining confidence that I really can write longer stories without making them needless filler.