Exciting Times

Exciting Times
August is rapidly approaching and with it comes “Tied in Knots” as Book of the Month with the GoodReads Kinky World group. It’s going to be exciting and interesting to see the feedback and discussion that the book generates.

I have discovered a couple of readers who absolutely love my writing, and I absolutely adore having them as part of Xavier’s Harem. If I could write something just for them I dare say it would completely make their century.

Now that family emergencies have faded away, life has returned to some form of normalcy and with it comes a return to my normal rate of writing. The next batch of manuscripts are now in the hands of my editorial team, so there’s several new releases slated for the second half of the year.

More titles continue to take shape in the drafting pile and it is looking like this release schedule will be kept up for a little while longer, at least. I do promise my excited readers that I will go back and make some of their favourite shorts into longer stories but, for now, that’s where they’re having to stay.

I will also get around to updating my book pages soon to reflect the changes in the retail listings for them.

I have also got some ideas for a special surprise (or set of surprises) in the lead up to the Christmas period. My fans and Harem will absolutely love them, and I’m sure many others will enjoy them as well.

Right now, though, they’re just ideas.

Retail Delays

Retail Delays
Even though “An Introduction to Sappho” was only released a couple of days ago, there are some issues holding up its distribution to all retail sites. Some sites have been really good in sending the title through the review process quickly. Others, not so much.

I’m expecting that, because it’s the weekend, things aren’t going to be resolved until at least the middle of the week, but it is frustrating to be running headlong into these problems again, after having taken steps and making sure that all previous issues were (and are) resolved.

That’s the reason why the books aren’t getting to everywhere that people have been buying them from.

I’m still getting feedback that my stories are wonderful, but are still too short. I appreciate the desire to be reading a lot more of some plot lines, but I have a mountain of story ideas to get written down, first. Once most of those have cleared, I’ll be sure to go back and flesh out some of the stories that people are most keen on.

The short story format is also allowing me to refine my writing skills so that I don’t waste the time of my readers in a longer format. So, all good things will come to those who wait.

An Introduction to Sappho Released

Sappho Released
Two weeks after my last release, “Seeking Something More”, and I have a new title released today.

An Introduction to Sappho” starts at a party and ends with a completely new set of life experiences for the main character.

Quite unexpectedly, she finds out that one of her best friends is a lesbian. Confronted by this news she struggles with conflicting emotions and reduced inhibitions as she seeks to learn more about this new life of her friend.

It may not be for the long term, but she is guided through a new and wonderful experience and is exposed to something that she had never considered before.

Keeping On Top of Things

Keeping on Top
I’m very honoured to have “Tied in Knots” selected as Book of The Month for August with the Kinky World group on Goodreads. As a means to help people get their hands on the book, I am running a giveaway for it on Goodreads. It’s also part of the massive sale over at SmashWords (in the 50% pile - code SSW50).

I’ve also been keeping myself busy with writing. Another story idea has leapt into existence and is rapidly taking shape. Based on the queue of stories ahead of it, the earliest that it is likely to be published will be the end of August. As with my other stories it will be an exploration of yet another sub-genre within Erotica.

It is a result of someone specifically asking if I have any stories in that sub-genre. I didn’t have any, and wasn’t originally planning to have any, but one formed in the couple of days after the chat - leading to something which should be an interesting read. It’s certainly been interesting writing it and working out what it’s going to look like.

Surprises Around All Corners

Cornered Surprises
Today I received a pleasant set of surprises, which has provided a nice bookend to the last week of ups and downs, but mainly downs.

The first of the surprises was an email from my editor, complete with an edited manuscript. Given that I have one story still in pre-production, getting a second one entering that stage was a very nice surprise and well ahead of what I was expecting. This new story should appear by mid-August.

The remaining surprises were related to recent sales. Reporting from the retail sites is starting to catch up to what books are currently for sale, and the lag in reporting is showing that sales have still been taking place. I was worried for a little while that the lack of reporting meant that sales had ceased, but for that not to be the case was very nice news.

Probably the biggest piece of news that I took pride in was in one of the sales reports received today I discovered a set of sales from a major bookseller that I wasn’t aware I was supplying books to. It turns out that one of the sites currently selling my books is actually aggregating them for some other retailers. I must have missed it in the agreement when I signed up.

What I’m very pleased about is seeing my works listed with a major, mainstream bookseller. Not only that, but that they’re selling there, as well.

It has been a very nice end to the week and returned some very much needed motivation and happiness after the last few weeks of worry.

Small Moments in Time

Small Moments
Just when it all looks like the family emergency was settling down, there comes another scare. There’s been quite a remarkable recovery over three weeks from a serious injury that was incurred; but, serious injuries being what they are, there’s always the risk of complication and the healing period is going to take some time.

One of the complications we were warned to look out for appeared and it took less than two hours between the first time a GP was seen to the time a specialist was making their assessment, and that included the drive across the city to the specialist.

If there’s one thing that’s told us just how serious the injury was is that there has been absolutely no waiting to be seen at any time.

When the injury occurred, we made it into the overflowing emergency department at the major hospital in the city where we live, and were immediately seen by the doctors - we couldn’t have been seen quicker if we’d arrived in a critical care ambulance with sirens blaring.

We are just very thankful that the long term prospects are for a full return to health and that this latest scare ended up being the body still trying to repair the damage from the injury and nothing worse.

With happier news, my next book is just waiting on the last couple of proof-reading responses and it will be ready for publishing - so it could be available even sooner than expected.

A Second July Release Likely

Second Release
With the publication of “Seeking Something More”, space has now cleared to proceed through the final pre-publication steps for my next title, which should be released towards the end of July.

The list of retail sites carrying “Seeking Something More” has also been updated to reflect the inclusion on Amazon and iTunes (both ePub and iBooks versions). Other sites are still processing the title, so it should be seen on more sites before too long.

Seeking Something More Arrives

It’s taken a little longer than I was hoping, but my latest title, “Seeking Something More” has arrived and is on sale, now. It’s available from All Romance eBooks and Smashwords for those who can’t wait for it to pass through the review process at the other retail sites (to which it has been submitted and is processing).

Another spicy short, “Seeking Something More” is about a couple’s search to rekindle the spark of their relationship, so they take out a personal advertisement that simply reads

"Devoted Couple. Seeking Something More."

What they get is not what they expected, but it certainly helps them find Something More.

Feedback from the pre-release readers is that it is a very enjoyable read. “H-O-T...” is how one reader commented on it, complete with the coloured text. It’s been making the other readers hot under the collar (and in other places), so why not join them.

Also of note, the page for “Tied in Knots” has been updated to reflect the retail sites that have it available for purchase. For some reason, the descriptive text is no longer appearing on Google Play, but the book is definitely available on all the sites listed.

Almost Back to Normal

Back to Normal
Things are now settling back down again after the family emergency and my writing will be starting up again, soon.

I’ve received the final set of replies back for the next release, “Seeking Something More” which will be out soon, and the title after it is now making its way to the proof-reading team, so things are getting back on track again.

If there’s something that has come out of the last couple of weeks, it is confirming the importance of having family around you and just how thin the line between “everything’s okay” and “serious problem” can be.

Thank you to the support from my fans, it has all been very much appreciated.

Summer Sale

Summer Sale
It’s a little bit late on the notification, but my three published titles have been accepted into the Summer / Winter sale promotion at Smashwords. At 50% off each title for the month of July, it’s a good chance to pick them up if you haven’t already had the chance. The code to use is SSW50 when ordering to get the 50% discount.

A Hero’s Return

The Special Scent

Tied in Knots

I have now got the next two titles in the post-editing process, so things are looking positive for two releases in July. Based on the increase in interest for each of my successive titles, these should rapidly become fan favourites. They’re already favourites of the pro0f-reading team.

Speaking of interest levels in my published stories, I was surprised to see a one-star rating for “Tied in Knots” recently issued. I’m happy to leave it where it is - after all, not everyone has the same likes and dislikes with stories, but I must have done something special for the reader to go out of their way to issue a low rating and describe it as disappointing.

Until now the only disappointment mentioned by readers has been how short the story is, but it is reassuring and disappointing in equal measures to see that I haven’t quite reached every reader.

Thank you to that reader for their honesty and I hope I can write something that you’ll find more agreeable in the near future.

Slow Days in Limbo

The family emergency alluded to in my last post is continuing to have a significant effect and is expected to do so for at least another week.

My current writing has effectively stopped while I take care of the things that matter to me.

Because of the backlog of stories with my editor, this temporary cessation of writing hasn’t affected my publishing schedule. A new story, set to be published late next week, is currently with my proof-reading team after having been returned by my editor. Already the responses are overwhelmingly positive and I’m now waiting for the final responses before preparing it for final release.

Expect to see a post highlighting it as the release date approaches.

Also, a big thank you to those who have passed along their wishes and thoughts, they have been very welcome.