Coming to a Boil

Coming to a Boil
With the various delays and stoppages over the last few weeks, I was beginning to wonder when my next story would be ready for the editors and, from there, when it would be ready for publishing.

With the writing that’s been going on lately, the ready date seems to keep moving out. That’s not a bad thing, especially as the story has morphed wonderfully from a rather anaemic little short, to something far more substantial. If I look at how much I have been able to write when I have sat down to write, and then look at that across the number of days I have been writing on it, then my average daily word count is actually pretty good.

So, dear readers, the reason why not much is being said at the moment, is that the next story keeps growing and developing into something that will be wonderful when it is finally ready.

As to when that will be, I can’t really say, but it doesn’t look that far away, knowing where I am in the overall arc of the story.

Going Slow

Going Slow
Things were feeling weird over the weekend and I sat down to look at the last time I had written anything. I was amazed to see that it had been almost a week since I had the opportunity to write. I didn’t even notice that I hadn’t been writing, and I certainly didn’t notice that the time had flown by. I still felt that I had only written something the night before...

At least now I’ve recognised it and, with the available time, will be writing again shortly. Other than that, there’s not much to report, other than July’s weird sales pattern seems to be settling out and my normal sales patterns are coming back in.

Measuring Success

Measuring Success
Firstly, my next story is ticking along nicely, and I am hoping that it will be with my editors in the next week. I know that there are many readers out there who are hanging out for me to get my next story published, so there is some hope for them.

One of the more interesting things I read recently was the statement that July is traditionally a slow month for book sales. Looking at my primary distribution channels, I can kind of see where they’re coming from, with a very flat month going on at the moment. Looking at some of the smaller channels, and they’re ticking over quite nicely. In fact, July is looking like being the best month on record for a couple of them.

My free books have also taken off this month. In a couple of channels, I am watching the free copies being downloaded constantly. Some of these titles, which have been out for a while, picked up their downloads from out of nowhere, but they are being sustained, which is nice. Now I wait to see how many (if any) transition to becoming readers of my other books.

Trying to measure a purely electronic distribution against a combination of electronic and physical doesn’t always work out, but with the recent discussion about JK Rowling’s new pen name, it was the quoted number of sales that were of interest. For a book that was supposedly so highly rated / such a good seller, the number of titles sold prior to JK Rowling’s name association was less than just one of my free titles achieved. I was surprised that the number was so low (I have read about what the average number of book sales for a title is, so I do know what it could be).

Irrespective of anything else, it did give me some added perspective on how to measure my relative performance in the market, especially on days when I wonder why I don’t seem to be getting much traction in the market.

Finally, my website is probably going to change significantly in the next month or so -- making it more user friendly and easier for my readers to reach out to me and find out more about me and my books.

Burning Fever

Burning Fever
I have found some time to sit and write recently, which is always nice. What I had thought was going to be a re-worked idea that had been sitting three-quarters complete for some months has taken on a life of its own – something that I wasn’t quite expecting.

It means that the next release won’t be in the same timeframe that I thought it was going to be, but it does mean that when I finally get the release ready, it is going to be something far greater than what I originally thought.

July here in Australia can be bitterly cold, especially in the Southern half of the country. The bitter cold also seems to bring the sickness with it, and I have been knocked over by a surprise cold / flu. Huge amounts of sleep are nice, but it’s not doing a lot for the cold / flu, and it’s not helping with my writing.

The products of a fevered mind can be very interesting. If only there was a way to bottle what came out of the mind in those situations. At least I am remembering enough of it to add to future stories. That, and trying to get the rest in that I need to get over this illness and back into writing.

Another piece of July Fever is a blog hop I am taking part in with Sofia Grey. Look for my post towards the end of the month.

Just a Query

Pasted Graphic 57
Even though I’ve been publishing my works for a little more than a year now, I haven’t actually been looking all that hard for a publisher or agent to have me on their books. I’ve looked half-heartedly a few times, and gotten close to drafting query letters a couple more times, but they always ended up unsent.

In one or two cases it was due to procrastination but, in the majority of cases, I didn’t like the blanket terms that were identified via website or email. I know that few are set up to handle someone who is already publishing their own work, but it seems like hardly anyone has moved to embrace authors who are approaching from that direction (at least not without some rather interesting terms).

There are also a couple of queries that I am saving up until I am writing works long enough to warrant publishing through those routes.

In the meantime, I stumbled across a publisher whose terms were actually quite attractive for the situation that I am in. That they are something of a major publishing house is another benefit as well. After some due diligence and some thinking about what to do next, off went the query.

So now, it’s a matter of waiting and seeing. I’ll continue to write and publish my works, but perhaps there might be some new opportunities opening up in the near future.

Only time will tell, but it will be a fun wait.