Editing and Editing

I’ve been busy when I can over the last couple of weeks, though not much in terms of new writing.

Instead, I’ve been busy turning a previously drafted work into something more polished and ready for publishing. Since it’s been so long that I sat down with the manuscript, I’ve been seeing it through some really new eyes (even if I know intimately what’s going to happen from line to line).

I’d long known that there was something off with the script, and it wasn’t just that it wasn’t an erotica piece. Though the editing process, I’ve found that what had really been missing was the natural voice that my prose can carry. It felt forced and unnatural in far too many places, and the editing has been showing me that I might have lost the touch there for a little bit (at least from what I consider an appropriate standard of authorship). At least I’m getting to weed out the difficult and awkwardly written sections and replace them with something that is more in line with what I had been thinking when I tried to write the story.

I’m beginning to hope that I can get this little bit of steam going into something much stronger, and not bother about chasing word counts or anything silly like that - just to focus on getting great stories written with at least a high standard of writing skill.

The next few weeks will show which way this is going to go, but I am hopeful it will be a good direction. Now, to start re-engaging with my readers again.