The Deferred Honeymoon Released

So it took a lot longer than I was expecting, but it’s finally here. “The Deferred Honeymoon” is now published, and will be steadily available across the major (and many minor) retail sites in coming days.

Keen-eyed readers will identify that the first part of the book is the same as one of my earlier releases. That is by design. I had always planned to make a companion book to “A Proper Consummation”, but hadn’t originally been planning on a single volume release, as a single story. That changed as I worked my way through the second story, and I soon found myself merging them into a single story, one that ended up being longer than any I have written to date, and one that had a really nice flow in the longer format.

The Deferred Honeymoon” has been well received from beta and early readers, and there are many who have enjoyed my first foray into the longer book format.

Now to turn my attention to some of the other stories that are demanding to be made into a longer format (many of which haven’t been published yet).

Not My Expected Release

Not Expected
I finally managed to get a big book release sorted out. The only problem is that it was in a form which my wonderful fans will never get to see. It is for a very technical project that I have been working on for the last 18 months, and which has seen its culmination in the form of a 300,000 word tome (among a lot of other major deliverables that were provided last year). When it’s put into terms like that, I can understand why I’ve been feeling so tired and unwilling to write for pleasure.

Even though it hasn’t been fully released to the organisation that it was created for, the limited release has already been extremely positive and, despite people balking at the sheer size of the work, they quickly found it very easy to read and were diving into it and extracting stuff that they need. It was very gratifying as a writer to walk around and just watch as people were using the book in unexpected ways, without them knowing I was there watching how they used it. I like to think that my erotica fans are enjoying my works in the same sort of way.

This other release and work hasn’t really delayed my next public release, and The Deferred Honeymoon should still be released by the weekend, if not on it.

The Deferred Honeymoon Due This Week

After what has felt like a complete age since my last release, “The Deferred Honeymoon” is due for release this week. I’ve received the last of the feedback needed prior to release, and it’s been overwhelmingly positive, so I’m happy to push ahead and release my latest, and longest work.

A short tease was put out a couple of weeks ago, but I’m not going to put much more out before the title is out.

In other writing matters, I’ve been slowly picking away at some of the other things I am currently drafting, but at times it feels like things are slowing down. It could just be because flu season is getting an early start this year, but I’m choosing to interpret as a good sign for longer stories.

Stormy Weather

Another week has rolled past, without a lot of writing to show for it, but I have been considering a thriller storyline that has been kicking around the back of my mind for a little while. It will make for an interesting diversion from my normal style of writing, but I am waiting to see just how things go with my next title, which is due very soon now, and another one or two that are progressing nicely through their drafting stages (and getting longer). If I do write the thriller, I think I’ll be releasing it under another name, just to separate my writing genres.

The weather is just starting to cool down a little, most obviously at night, but things are still wonderfully warm during the day. It’s not the heat, or the night time cool, that is of interest in weather terms at the moment, it is the seemingly-late thunder storm season which is bringing some really interesting effects. The last couple of days haven’t seen a lot of rain, but they have seen some nice afternoon buildups, with lots of sound and light, but not anything to speak of in terms of rain. Due to the effect of the terrain around where we live, the storms seem to hang just overhead, almost like I could reach my arm up and touch the heavy, dark clouds that rumble along.

It could be a wet Autumn and Winter ahead (I love the rain), but I’ve been caught out with that sort of thinking before, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Hiding as Much as Revealing

Since some people found out that I’ve got another release in the editing / proofing stages of publishing, they’ve been after me to provide some form of tease. I don’t normally do teases, as such, but there’s always a first time.

So, to make some of my readers happy, and hopefully give everyone a small taste of what’s to come in the finished story, I selected a passage at random from the upcoming book as a sample. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

“Come on, it will be safer and more comfortable for the both of us in the centre of the boat,” he suggested. They moved in together, wrapped in each other’s arms as the little boat started to toss about.

The rain started with a couple of fat drops, which were rapidly replaced by a wall of solid water that thundered against their little boat, and hammered into the lagoon. Water was coming from all directions and Rachel was beginning to worry about their ability to stay afloat when it stopped as suddenly as it had appeared. A fresh, clean wind pushed away the clouds and the sun was soon baking everything dry. Rachel swore that she could see the steam rising from the jungle, and could clearly hear the cacophony of the birds and other jungle creatures coming out of hiding and drying off.

Rachel shivered and looked down at herself. Her dress was plastered to her body, and it was plainly evident that she wasn’t wearing any underwear by how it clung to her contours. She could see that Robert was soaked to the skin, too, but he didn’t seem as bothered about it as she did.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

“I think so, just soaking wet,” she replied, breaking the embrace and trying to separate sodden fabric from skin.

“Since we’re out of sight of anyone on the shore, you could always put your wet clothes over the front deck, which already looks dry.” Robert removed his shirt and placed it flat on the front deck, which was lightly steaming and looked dry.

“I think I might have a small problem, there.”

“You mean because you’re not wearing anything under the dress?”

“How did you know?” she asked. “Yes, by the way.”

“Anybody with working eyes can tell you’re not wearing anything underneath. I’ve had a fairly good idea all along, but it’s really been confirmed now.”

“And you didn’t say anything?”

“I didn’t need to. I’ve been enjoying the hint at what lay below. It’s not always about what you can show, it’s also about what’s hidden. And how it’s hidden.”

Rachel peeled her dress from her body and spread it next to his shirt. “Well, now you’re not going to need your imagination.”