It Has Been a While

A While

It’s been a little longer than I had been expecting -- away from my normal weekly updates. Firstly, everything is still okay. I’m still writing. Just, not very much of late.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and get things back into full swing again, but there’s always something else dragging time and attention away from being able to write. I’m having to be more choosy about where my precious spare time is allocated and, at the moment, that time is being given over to reading, with some editing work in there as well.

On the positive side, I am getting to read more in genre than I have in the past, and it has been interesting to see how erotica used to look -- particularly that which has been written by women. If nothing else, it is interesting to see the style and content being applied to the stories, and their effect on the reader. It is also reinforcing to me that I don’t want to jump back into the publishing game too quickly, even with something short and sweet / sexy.

I’ll keep plugging away, and will hope to have something ready to go before too long.

Happy reading.