Some Days the Words Stare Back

Some Days the Words Stare Back
Any writer who has struggled with writer’s block understands the terror caused by the blank page -- sometimes there just isn’t anything that can be written, even though there is so much demanding to be put down.

Although it isn’t quite the same, the paralysis of action when faced by words that have already been written can be just as scary.

I’ve been sitting and staring at a couple of passages over the last week or so, and still can’t find the connection with what I had written, or have to write next. There’s a fair bit banked up waiting to be put down, if only I can find the words I need to use to get it out.

The downside to this is if I can’t make the connection, what hope do my loyal readers have?

There is still a vibrant couple running around my text, I just can’t reach out to them at the moment, and the snippets of other stories are lying just out of reach at the moment.

I’m not too concerned, even if I haven’t published in a little while. It will pass and, I am sure, it will be even better when it does.

A Beautiful Day for Writing

A Beautiful Day For Writing
It’s been a couple of frosty mornings of late, with chilly light rain (not quite sleet) when there hasn’t been any frost. Today wasn’t looking much better, but once the light drizzle had cleared, it has turned into an absolutely stunning, if cool, late autumn day.

While it’s beautiful outside, and rainy weather just seems to be the best for writing in, all the minutiae has been taken care of and now the ready and waiting canvas of stories-to-be stretches out in front of me. It is a wonderful feeling to have, after so long plumbing the depths of slaving to another’s drum beat (woo for mixed metaphors!).

I was beginning to wonder whether I could make the time to write as I had last year, or even whether I was going to be able to make it back to where I was. A couple of well-deserved days of rest (if you could call running around dealing with chores rest) and the semi-dormant spark has licked back into a bright flame.

After all the days, weeks, and even months, where writing for my loyal readers seemed to be as unreachable as the stars, a small turn of good fortune and things are back to where they should be.

If anyone’s looking for me, I’m busy crafting worlds. Worlds of sensual activity, rounded characters, emotion that leaps from the page / screen and, most importantly, stories that capture what is seen in my mind and share the feeling and imagery with the satisfied reader.

The Tabula Rasa is filled once more.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
Firstly, an apology to those who were waiting on the big thing I was promising with my existing published titles. For a variety of reasons, it didn’t end up happening as planned, but I’ll try and find some way to make up for it in the next little while.

Until then, sorry.

On a better note, for all who celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, have a very happy Mother’s Day.

I haven’t been able to get a release out in time for it, but at least I am back writing again, even if in a limited capacity.

One of the interesting things I have encountered over the last couple of very busy weeks has been the receipt of critique delivered to my face and not anonymously over the internet. Some people, so long as they’re safely ensconced in a group, will set forth the most vile and disgusting criticism. When challenged one-on-one, or counter-critiqued, the criticism fades rapidly in validity. The difficulty is in managing the group while the criticism is being delivered and handled, particularly when it impacts on the presence and behaviour of the rest of the group.

It’s even more interesting to manage when there is no qualitative basis for the critique and it is being delivered from a position of ignorance (in the formal sense of the word).

I’ve seen some rather nasty online reviews and critiques put forward, which I suspect the reviewer would not hold to if they had to deliver it face to face. At least I can skip over those ones. It’s a little harder to do so when the heckling is more in your face.

At least I’ve had the silent support of the majority through all of this, including with my writing -- something which I will be producing results with again in the very near future.