Unblocking Writing

Unblocking Writing
Sometimes you just need to call in the plumbers.

I’ve been struggling with Writer’s Block in one form or another for the last couple of weeks. It never got so bad that I was sitting down to write but no words coming out.

Instead, I was finding that I just couldn’t get to the writing stage. There were ideas and scenes bouncing around being mulled over, but nothing was coming out onto the page.

With a couple of deadlines rapidly approaching, I was beginning to get a little bit concerned about not having written anything down for a while, when things just unblocked themselves in the last 48 hours.

After so long without getting anywhere with the stories I have under development, I was very pleased to find that after a couple of good writing sessions, I was a lot further along the path to completion than I thought I was going to get.

It’s a good sign. Not just for the short stories coming out soon, but also for the range of stories that are sitting in various stages of completion.

I hadn’t taken any time off writing on purpose, but it just kind of happened. I was always busy, but now things are settling back down again and it should be all better.

Speaking of time off, I expect that my pace of writing will be slowing over the Christmas / New Year period. I have been wrong before about thinking that my muse was going to take some time off, so there may be even more to enjoy than I initially thought I was going to have.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
I would like to wish my American readers a happy Thanksgiving for Thursday.

I know that the Canadians celebrated theirs a month ago, but it is the traditional opening to the Christmas shopping season that makes acknowledging the US Thanksgiving important.

For many other countries, the end of November is effectively the start of the Christmas period, with Christmas parties, secret Santas, time to find and put up a tree, and time to work out if it is going to be a white Christmas (Northern hemisphere), or a scorching hot one (Southern hemisphere).

Whatever your season is going to be, please have a safe and happy season and I am going to be working hard to make sure you have plenty to read, wherever you are.

Six Miles High Published

Six Miles High
It is a day ahead of schedule, but what better time to release a book than that? “Six Miles High” is now out and making its way across the various retail sites. It should be available from the regular sites within the next few days.

Six Miles High” is a return to the world of F/F.

Melissa is on the verge of breaking through into the top levels of her life as a stewardess. Hounded by the ghosts of decisions past -- poor decisions, she could be facing the crushing of her dreams.

Into this mix appears Ruby, awakening something that Melissa didn't know existed and helping her face down the ghosts that troubled her.

This is also the first title that crosses the boundary into novella territory in its own right. That means more exciting story to read. This isn’t the reason why “An Introduction to Sappho” received a permanent price cut, but it’s a good place for it to be.

I hope you all enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.

Book Sale, and A New Release Soon

Book Sale, and a New Release
With “Six Miles High” due out in the next couple of days, I’ve decided to re-price “An Introduction to Sappho” permanently to 50% of its original price. While the timing is perfect for the post-Thanksgiving rush, it’s actually positioning for the new release, and also for something a little special some way down the line.

There are still a couple of releases due before Christmas, so there’s going to be plenty of good reading coming up for the beach (Southern Hemisphere), or by the fire (Northern Hemisphere).

Happy reading and I look forward to sharing a new book with you soon.

Find Out More About Me

Find out More About Me
With special thanks to “Techno Hippy” over at The Cult of Me, I have been given a guest blog spot which will allow readers and fans to get a better understanding of who I am and why I write.

It’s worth a look, if nothing more than for a slightly different viewpoint on me.

Elsewhere in my busy writing life, I am putting the finishing touches on “Six Miles High”, the next title scheduled for release. It is due out in just over a week’s time, and already a little bit of buzz is beginning to build for it -- which is quite pleasing.

There are only going to be another couple of releases before Christmas, but they’re looking good for being on track, so there’s going to be something from me to read over the Christmas period.

More Releases Scheduled

More Releases Scheduled
Wow, things have been extremely busy over the last couple of weeks. So much movement and action, but at the end of the day it feels like I’m still in the same place.

There are at least two more new releases scheduled between now and the end of the year. With the Christmas period only a handful of weeks away, this means quite a busy time between now and then. Hopefully the two planned releases will be ready and available. in enough time for readers to get them during the Christmas shopping period.

With both Thanksgiving and Christmas public holidays not very far apart for the US, some sites won’t have my new titles listed in time for Black Friday, but they should be ready in time for Christmas.

There is also the chance that something extra extra special will be slipped into the already special treat I had planned around the Christmas period.

If all things go to plan, a F/F novella will be available just before the Thanksgiving period on most sites, with a slight delay on at least one retailer due to their holiday shut down.