Clearing the Decks

I’ve spent the last week writing a lot. It hasn’t been for stories or anything like that. Instead, I’ve been spending hour upon hour staring at a screen trying to work out the correct sequence of 1s and 0s to make the computer do exactly what I want it to do.

Some of the time it has felt more like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic than it has being productive, but if I want to unlock more time to write and get things done, I’ve got to get this out of the way. So, as a result, there isn’t much to talk about being written this week, even if I did get the odd word down, here and there.

Every time I blink, it seems like the kids have come up with yet another way to eat away at my time, so I’m trying to find efficiency for many different reasons. It’s all okay, though, because we only get the one life, and it’s far better spent with the family than stuck in a little room somewhere ignoring them for an undefined outcome

Drifting Freely

It’s always hectic. There’s always something to be done. But, it is nice from time to time to just cut the ropes that bind and drift gently on the swell, seeing where the current and the breeze will take me.

I can’t say that the last week hasn’t been busy, lurching from one manufactured crisis to the next, but I was finding that things were settling out such that, by week’s end, I was content to just drift along. I don’t think that any new words were written this week -- I seemed to spend all my writing time rewriting what was already there, reintroducing the flow and imagery that I know I can write, but which seemed to have been missing from the drafts I was working on. Even with the effort to revisit what I’d already written, and with nothing new having been created, I still didn’t mind it all.

If I was to be pressed, I’d probably say that this sudden appearance of freedom is due to some of life’s other pressures easing off, but I really don’t mind whatever the cause is. Life will always find a way and, as long as I’ve got time for my family, and time to write, I can’t really ask for much more (perhaps fame and fortune...).

What does the week ahead hold? I don’t know, and I don’t really care at the moment. I’m content.

Just a Regular Week

Pasted Graphic
I’m sitting here watching race cars go round and round the mountain as the Bathurst 1,000 is on and finding it to be very similar to the travails of writing. There’s a definite end to the race, which will be reached, but every time there’s a safety car (and there’s been many), or the race gets red flagged (because the track is falling apart -- on a high speed corner, no less), the end keeps slipping further away. The work only increases every time something unexpected happens, and it can all change in the blink of an eye. That, and The Mountain is unforgiving. It doesn’t matter where you are in the order, nothing is guaranteed until the chequered flag.

School holidays are ending, and the end of the year is starting to appear on the far horizon, so we can see the end of the race for this year. After the hassle of not getting much produced this year, and the difficulty of actually getting to write at the moment, it’s a year I really won’t mind seeing the end of. There’s some great things that have happened, and some great losses, but I know there’s so much more that can be achieved, and I’m looking forward to the future to see things come back to what I think are normalcy.

Some Nice Long Weekends

It’s two short working weeks here in Canberra, with two long weekends back-to-back, which is a nice break from the chaos that has been the last few months of work and writing. It’s also the last until Christmas, so we’ve got to make them count. The weather has been fantastic, with the temperature climbing into the mid-twenties, and promising to go higher. I’m still hoping for some rain at some point, but it’s been some fantastic weather for a brace of long weekends.

I was originally planning to have a new title ready in time for Halloween, but I don’t think that I’ll be able to do it justice in the amount of time we have left, so I think that I’ll be sliding it to next year’s Halloween period. That should give me sufficient time to make it worth a proper release.

I’m in two minds about the Christmas period, though. Whether to release, or give this one a pass. I’m kind of leaning towards pass, but I’ll wait to see how things progress.

Writing isn’t my only creative outlet, and I’ve found some good progress with some of my other creative endeavours, such that I think the time they take up will be winding back in the near future. I’m not going to say for certain that they will, but it’s looking promising. The same goes for some of my other pursuits, which have had quite an abrupt change in the last few days -- the sort of changes that result in a lot more free time, so I’ve got something to look forward to.