A Proper Consummation Out Soon

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After what has felt like a complete age, I have my next title “A Proper Consummation” due out on September 30. It’s a wonderful tale of a couple who never got to have the honeymoon they wanted, or deserved.

Finally, after too many years of waiting, they get their chance, and it will be worth the wait.

In other news, I’m putting this book out early because my main computer is going in for warranty repairs thanks to a sick hard drive and graphics card. This means I’ll be largely off grid for a week, but it does mean that I can go through my next couple of titles with a fine-toothed comb and make sure they’re ready for the editors / proof readers respectively.

Drafting Almost Complete

Drafting Almost Complete
The past week has been a little hit and miss for writing, as life gets in the way, as it does. After having my muse reach into the story I was writing last week, I managed to tie things all together, reflowing sections, moving others around, and now it’s sitting there ready for me to do a final check through and polish ready for being passed off to the editors.

That was a pleasing outcome with the limited writing time I’ve found myself with.

The other pleasing outcome has been another story coming together quickly in a very short amount of time. I expect that this new story will likely only be a short, but I can start to feel some threads in it which could open the door to either a sequel, or to a longer version somewhere down the line.

I was worried that I was facing some more writer’s block, as I couldn’t find a way to advance the new story I am working on, but it suddenly opened up in a slightly unexpected way. The upshot being that the end story is going to be so much better than my original concept, so it’s good to see my muse continuing to help out.

On a final note, “A Proper Consummation” should be out by the end of the month. I’ll start putting up book details and listings soon. It’s already getting really good ratings from my proof reading pool, so I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Unexpected Benefits

Unexpected Benefits
With a release due sometime in the next few weeks I was getting ready to sort out the book after that one, thinking that I had effectively finished my initial draft. I was happy to have a book that would be ready to go to the editor and keep ticking over my desired publishing rate.

That was, until my muse stepped in. With only a couple of scenes to complete, with nothing more than simple interaction between the main characters, I thought I had it all done and was starting to think about a Halloween story that I am planning to write. My muse showed her hand and one of the scenes became something so much more than I had ever hoped it would be. Not only that, but it was also something much more than I dreamed it could have been.

As a result, the timeline until the draft is ready might slip a little, but it will be for an overall better book.

Now, to try and encourage the muse to stay a little while longer and help guide the next phase of writing.

Getting Closer

Getting Closer
My next book release is probably only a few weeks away, now (certainly no later than the end of September), and I am starting to get really excited about the comments coming in from my Proof Reading team.

With only minor changes being requested by many readers, it should be a fairly straight-forward process to get the book ready and published once the proof-reading period ends.

That is the first bit of good news.

The second is that my next story after that is taking shape quite nicely. If the current rate of writing, editing, and proofing is anything to go by, I would expect to release it sometime around the Halloween timeframe. With Halloween coming up soon, I am also contemplating a short / novella that is suitably themed. I haven’t quite worked out if I will make it a free release, or not, but or how many of the normal publishing steps I will push it through, but I am leaning very strongly toward something special.

Even though I think there are stronger books I’ve written, Cardio Session is currently one of the Books of the Month on the CARE NaUBA group on GoodReads.

I am also going to be one of the focussed authors on a review site coming up soon, which will also be a good chance for my readers and fans to find out more about me.

That is probably all the good news for now, and with a beautiful Spring having started here in Australia, and time to write, and fewer time pressures, things are going quite well for more books before the end of the year.

A Painful Mistake

A Painful Mistake
In general, I've been pretty good with backing up my important work, and in regularly saving my work in case anything untoward happens with my work. Well, mostly.

While working on the new website layout and design I had been saving pretty regularly and had put in quite a bit of work, only to leave it overnight to get a better look at it in the morning. I didn't get the chance to get back to it and the application I was working in crashed.

It was gone. All of it. A day's quality work in setting up my new website look and content, and it was all gone. I had been seduced by the ability of most of my other software tools to automatically save my work as I go, and to recover where I was if they crash. Apparently not the tool I was working with for my website.

I won't be making that mistake again in a hurry.

There has been some positive news from the last week or so, though. I have received my next book back from the editors, and the next one after that is shaping up nicely. The first book will be packed up for the proof readers in the next day or so, which makes for a release in a few weeks time.

I have also had quite a good week for attracting new followers on Twitter, even if I can’t work out what the trigger for it has been. I’m not complaining, but if I could work out what specific things I did right, I’ll be doing them again.

Finally, I have tried a test of a new book cover and blurb for one of my now-free titles, using a quiet little corner of the web to get a feel for how much a different cover and blurb was actually going to have. Thankfully, the results have been quite positive, so I hope to push the changes out across the other retail sites, and to bring the description here on the site up to speed.