A Different Week

This last week has been interesting in a number of different ways. I’ve been spending a bit of time continuing to read in-genre and, while the inspiration seems to be dropping off from the words on the printed page, it has been reaffirming the concepts about just how different opinions can be on what counts for erotica, and romance (which more of what I’ve been reading, though I’ve got to admit that some of the published erotica has been eye opening for all the wrong reasons).

Small amounts of writing, here and there, like little snatched kisses stolen by two lovers. More reading than writing, though.

Despite the lack of time to write, there seems to be even less time to actually manage my online profile and engage in the marketing that I have to be doing. I continue to build Twitter followers (hello to all you new followers in recent weeks), and my presence on other sites continues to build. I really do need a couple of isolated days where it’s just me and the internet, where I can afford to sit down and catch up on the marketing things that I should be doing. At least I can get to find the time to sit down and write this every week. It’s a little piece of normalcy that I manage to hang onto in the greater morass of daily life.

Drops of Water on a Window Pane

Writing this past week has been more like small drops of water spattering on a window pane than it has been sheets of rain thundering against a tin roof. I’ve still managed to get some words out, but not a whole lot. A part of that has been extreme crisis management that I’ve had to be involved with, which has chewed through the hours and spare writing time. If I could dissociate that from my life, I would, but for now it’s needed to keep the bills being paid and it is a necessary obstacle to my writing time. It is comforting to be seen as a subject matter expert in certain fields, though that doesn’t help me get time to write.

With the first month of spring almost complete, I’ve been having to catch up on yard work and all the other bits and pieces that couldn’t be done when the days were short and too cold to do anything outside. While the garden is looking healthy and full of colour, it has been the little spatters of water on the windscreen over the last week which have been of concern. We’re well into spring, but there hasn’t been any real rain of note. The days are warm and beautiful, but all it’s doing is setting us up for a terrible summer.

I hope the rains come soon. For the garden and lawns’ sakes, and for my time to devote to writing.

More Reading Than Writing

This last week has been a fairly good week. I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and actually do some reading, which seems to be a rarer thing these days. A cursory glance at the books that I’ve read recently will show that I’ve been reading well and truly outside the erotica genre. What that’s meant is that the books haven’t provided much by way of inspiration for my writing. They’ve been a good escape, but they haven’t really been prodding the fires of desire to sit down and write more words.

I’ve now reached onto a shelf that, until now, has remained unread and out of reach. They are books that I’ve always meant to sit down and read, it’s just that I hadn’t really taken the opportunity to do so until now.

Okay, that’s a little bit of a lie. I have had the opportunity, I just kept making excuses about when I was going to start reading them. Given that they’re completely in-genre, even if they’re not quite what people think of, they should have been what I reached for first when having writer’s block or things of that nature. It always seemed that, at that time, staying in-genre was the last thing I wanted to do.

I’m only a dozen pages into two different books and I’ve already found some sparkling language which has launched visions of many stories, lighting paths that were dark before. That was surprising, but not as much as the way some of these books unfold.

Words are calling to me, even if I can’t take such big bites with these books as I’m used to when reading.

Mixed News

It’s been a bit of an up and down week in terms of writing. I’ve had a couple of reasonably good writing sessions, and one or two that were nothing short of miserable. There’s always something trying to get in the way of writing and it’s a constant battle to try and keep those parts of life separate from each other. It’s just life, though, and there’s never enough time to get everything done that we want to and it is sometimes a battle to even be able to claim evenings and weekends for ourselves (something that hasn’t really been effective of late).

In more positive news, I’m going to have the opportunity to publish the book I wrote earlier this year. As usual with life at the moment, I found out through not finding out. At least I know that control over the manuscript has reverted to me and I’ll be looking to prepare it for publishing in the not-too-distant future. I am interested to see what some of my more regular readers think of it, given its distance from my normal writing genres.