An Easter Break

Easter and all
I hope that all my fans and followers had a wonderful Easter break (or at least were able to take an Easter break). My Easter was spend running around after the kids, so it was very productive and rewarding, even if there was little writing actually achieved. This year we also had ANZAC Day following on the week after Easter, so many people took the opportunity to have an extended break, especially with some states having their school holidays running throughout the period.

My erotica writing remains on hold for now, while I continue to work outside the genre, but I am building plans about the books and stories I want to write when I get back to it all later this year. I haven’t completely forgotten about the genre, and what I have managed to achieve in the last week or so is having my material appear on Scribd, along with my profile. This was an unexpected outlet for my works, and I am glad to have another avenue through which I can connect with my readers.