Reading and Writing

It’s been a nice couple of weeks since my last update, and it’s actually good to report that I’ve been getting some writing done. Small vignettes here and there but, more importantly, writing in-genre. It all helps, and it is nice to actually get some writing done and to feel good about where it is headed.

It’s not just sitting down to write that’s been pleasing, it’s also seeing how productive I’ve been while writing -- the word counts are up there with my highest levels of productivity. The real issue now is actually finding the time in the day to support that level of output.

Another couple of books got knocked off my TBR list, and I’m getting closer to dealing with a couple of really dragging titles that I have been trying, and failing, to get into and make something of.

There’s no quick fix for the other things going on in life, but this week might throw up some interesting insights. It may be a delay to writing and reading while I deal with the real world, but it’s going to help understand how life is going to be as we move forward.