A Hero's Return

A Hero's Return book image
Florence has been waiting patiently, longing for her hero to make his way home and back into her arms. Things start going awry when she gets an unexpected phone call and they spiral from there once he finally arrives home.

Forced into an uncomfortable isolation, Florence is even more confused by the odd way that her partner is acting and struggles to come to terms with whatever horrid experiences have closed him off from her.

Florence enters her own private world of pain. All she wanted was to reconnect, spend some time together, and enjoy all his physical charms, but she finds herself without any of that.

Wanting nothing more than him, Florence sets out to uncover Devin’s inner demon, only to find more than she ever bargained for, but in the process she unlocks the path to redemption for them both.

Grounded firmly in the real world, Florence’s trials and successes could be your own. Feel, live, and breathe the passion that she burns with in her drive to gain a physical and emotional connection with her partner.

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