The Special Scent

The Special Scent book image
Ten feet of space isn’t much, but it is enough for Arianne to take you into a world of sensuality, of dreamy sex and exotic sensations.

Satisfied with her role as a lover and mother, Arianne is seeking to find her way back into the workplace and be as good at that role as she is elsewhere, but she has some struggles to overcome before that can be the case.

While looking for the right thing to help her overcome the trouble at work Arianne revisits some of the better experiences she’s had, enjoying them in explicit detail - looking for something that will give her the right solution.

Finally with a solution in mind, Arianne is surprised to find the solution she ends up using is not what she had ever contemplated.

Without ever leaving the room she starts in, join Arianne as she searches for the best way to take things on.

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